BendPak Brand Logo

As the parent company to all our affiliated brands, BendPak is arguably the most recognized brand name in the automotive industry. We’ve been proud to outfit shops and homes with our products for over​ 50 years. In the early 1980s, after ​​15 years of experience with machining and fabrication, we stepped into the competitive car lift manufacturing market and immediately began over-engineering our components and utilizing safety features that were unprecedented at the time. This changed the way things were done in our line of work, and we’re proud to have risen to the top and stayed there ever since our inaugural lifts were sold.

In addition to our automotive lifts, top-end pipe benders and air compressors also fall under the BendPak brand. We’ve been in the tubing fabrication business even longer than we’ve been manufacturing car lifts, so we know a thing or two about bending. Plus, every air compressor we design fits the elite specifications and standards of our other BendPak products.

When all is said and done, BendPak is the name you trust to offer the most rugged and reliable equipment on the market. These affiliated brands carry forth the BendPak way and reputation into other arenas.

Ranger Products Logo

When we expanded our service equipment lines to include the full suite of wheel service options, we recognized the need to distinguish our product lines to prevent confusion and cross-messaging. In addition to wheel service equipment (e.g., wheel balancers, tire changers), Ranger Products covers dozens of pieces of shop equipment, including oil filter crushers, industrial parts washers and transmission jacks. You’ll sometimes see us refer to our company as “BendPak / Ranger.” Those two brands encompass the vast majority of all our products. The few remaining stand-alone products are listed below.

QuickJack Portable Car Hoist Logo

Ask anyone in our offices, and you’ll probably hear a lot of excitement generated around our portable car lift. More than any other car lift on the market, QuickJack caught people’s attention from the get-go and quickly developed a dedicated following of both automotive professionals and casual DIY’ers. Powerful, affordable and extremely easy to use, the electric-hydraulic QuickJack completely eliminates the need for floor jacks and stands. Its open-center design means you get to work without obstructing crossbeams, and the two frames roll anywhere, which means total portability. QuickJack is so popular, we’re ramping up our production capabilities as fast as we can just to keep up with demand.

Autostacker Parking Lift Logo

2017 saw some major brand additions to the BendPak family, not the least of which was the Autostacker. Looking at the parking lifts available today, you’ll notice one thing they all have in common: extending posts and/or side columns. Even the more “hidden” designs have posts that stick out somewhere in your garage. Our BendPak parking lifts are second-to-none, and Autostacker takes a different approach to reducing its garage footprint while maintaining optimal lifting power. Equally serviceable for both home garages and commercial parking structures, a collapsed Autostacker boasts an extremely low profile and fits in most garage environments. Instantly doubling your parking capacity has never been easier or looked more appealing. Since it’s unlike any parking lift ever made, we felt it deserved a chance to stand alone as its own brand.

GrandPrix Two Post Hoist Logo

Another soon-to-be-classic addition to our 2018 standout lineup, the GrandPrix is a ​7,000-lb. capacity two-post lift that’s different than any other. At first glance, it looks like most other two-post lifts, but its innovative design gives it some unique advantages. Not only is it slimmer than other lifts in its class, the GrandPrix features a single overhead hydraulic cylinder that provides 2:1 lift, meaning vehicles rise much faster than most two-post car lifts. This design will give smaller garages the opportunity to fit a lift where other lifts simply won’t fit, and busy shops will appreciate the boost in speed and overall efficiency. The GrandPrix two-post lift is perfect for first-time buyers and established garage owners looking for a safe, slim, speedy addition to their fleet.

Cool Boss Swamp Cooler Logo

This industrial-strength portable swamp cooler is perfect for cooling down shops on hot days without turning on the A/C. Cool Boss is thriving as its own brand because it’s different than other swamp coolers: it’s an incredible value for its size and features remote control operation, oscillating swing-louvers and multiple fan settings to achieve the optimum cool. Since it runs solely on 110V or 220V electricity and cools hot air by evaporating water droplets, it only costs about $1 per day to operate.

JackPak Power Pack Logo

JackPak makes jumping dead car batteries fast and easy. It also features a built-in air compressor, flashlight and device charging jack. Rechargeable and lead-free, the lithium-ion battery is long-lasting and safer than alternative charging methods. We’ve given the JackPak a chance to shine on its own because it’s so handy, virtually everyone will find dozens of uses for it.