The Best Tire Repair Systems Come From Ranger

When tire repair is your best option, make sure that you have Ranger's tire repair products to back you up. We also know that a tire changer is not always an available option. We provide every type of high-quality tire repair product, allowing you to better cater to all of your clients' tire repair needs. Ranger tire repair equipment provides safe and efficient aid during the repair process.

When it's time to put the finishing touches on a tire, the final handy helper on any tire repair job is the RV-80L tire vulcanizer. This easy-to-use product lets you repair tire tread, shoulders and sidewalls on just about any car, truck or bus with minimum struggle and maximum savings. With tire repairs costing just a fraction of the cost of a new tire, the Ranger RV-80L elegantly rounds out a well-equipped garage.

RV-80L Heavy-Duty Tire Vulcanizer

RV-80L (5140120)

Heavy-Duty Tire Vulcanizer

The Ranger RV-80L Tire Vulcanizer quickly and easily repairs tires for the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new tire.