Frequently Asked Questions

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Our FAQs are separated categorically for your convenience. Please browse the following sections at your leisure. If you have a question that isn’t answered here or elsewhere on our site, let us know! Call 1-805-933-9960 or email

Car lifts

Our auto lifts are BendPak's bread and butter. When a vehicle is in the air, and an operator is underneath the lift, following all proper safety procedures could not be more important. So, we want to answer any question you may have, big or small. Review your owner's manual and consult these FAQs if you have questions.

Wheel service

Our Ranger Products division has dozens of wheel service equipment options. We'll continue to update this section with answers to common questions about operating the equipment, wiring/electrical information and other need-to-know facts about our extensive suite of wheel service equipment.

Shop equipment

Every piece of shop equipment we offer is unique, so we'd like to help you navigate some of the common questions and concerns you may have. We might not be able to cover everything, but if you don't see something here, let us know and we'll add it to the list.


Questions about what happens after you order a car lift? Need information about missing/replacement parts? Look here first, so you know what to expect .


In most cases, shipping is a simple process and deliveries take place in about a week, depending on our current inventory. These questions cover our Free Shipping policy, as well as other scenarios that could affect your delivery. Avoid fees and be prepared for your shipment by reading these shipping FAQs.


Here's everything you need to know about ordering a BendPak / Ranger product. Be sure your dealer is legitimate, and be better prepared for your delivery before you place your order.


A solid warranty is one of the best parts of making a purchase with us. We want you to know the ins and outs of your warranty coverage, so be sure to read this section before making your purchase. It's also a great guide in case you forget what's covered.