Orders and Shipping

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: Information contained in this section may not reflect the terms and conditions of our international distribution network. For the most accurate information, please contact us.

This section covers what happens once an order is placed and your shipment is prepped for delivery. Please review this information thoroughly, so you can smoothly and efficiently receive your newly ordered equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping methods

BendPak chooses shipping methods based on cost, destination delivery, reliability and speed. While FedEx Ground is suitable for most domestic shipments, there are a number of factors that will determine the best mode of product delivery method. We encourage you to learn how BendPak chooses its shipping methods to see how your delivery destination may be affected.


Returns and exchanges happen from time to time, and we strive to remain transparent about how these these processes occur. Please read this section to understand your rights and liabilities. Conditions to your return may apply.

Order change fees

In the event that an order destination needs to be changed, this section ​covers which fees may apply. The total charge will depend on the current status of the order, how the shipment must be rerouted, etc.

Freight surcharges

Special delivery requests (e.g., lift gate service) are applicable ​for additional fees. Common causes for these surcharges, as well as the approximate amount changed, are included for your convenience.