Ranger Products™ has the Full Range of Shop Equipment Options

Some companies seem to pride themselves on doing things the same way, year after year. Why? Technology is shaping and re-shaping our industry by the minute. Trudging the same old territory only guarantees a circular pattern of footprints, not a superior product. Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever, as are the men and women who service them. The equipment has to be cutting-edge or else fade into irrelevancy.

In 1997, BendPak sent shock waves throughout the industry by unveiling an entirely new division of quality automotive equipment united under the banner of Ranger Products. The addition of Ranger’s broad array to the BendPak family represented a gigantic step forward in our efforts to become a diverse, full-service, single-source provider for emerging vehicle repair markets. Ranger’s extensive suite of manufacturing facilities and engineering capabilities placed BendPak’s already impressive lead over the competition into astronomical figures.

Manufacturing Ranger Products Equipment

Ranger has already become a trusted, sought-after name in the highly-competitive world of wheel service. But we aren’t about to stop there. To this day, Ranger progressively deepens its resources and extends its product lines, all to increase the value offered to our customers. Our product development strategy, combined with advanced research and design expertise, makes Ranger one of the most dynamic players in an increasingly wide spectrum of automotive service markets. It’s not enough for us to make a great car lift and call it a day. We want to manufacture everything a garage or shop could possibly need. And we want to do it better than everyone else.

Assembling Ranger Products Tire Changers

Our current product offering consists of tire and wheel service equipment, hydraulic floor jacks, cranes and stands​ and benches, ​parts washer systems; and a variety of specialty service tools. But don’t expect this list to remain stagnant. The minds behind Ranger look at the global marketplace and see opportunity for enhancement—advancement and growth is everywhere, even outside of the transportation industry. Our highest priority remains squarely on identifying new niches, adding more engineering substance to our products and services, capturing market share and empowering our brand.

Changing Tires with Ranger Tire Changer Equipment