Our Promise to Protect the Planet

BendPak Inc. is known the world-over for our long-standing tradition of quality ​​lifts and shop equipment, but we’ve also been thinking green since it was still being called “eco-friendly.” As the world’s preeminent manufacturer of automotive service products, we take environmental concerns very seriously. We design our products to work great, look great and offer you tremendous value, but we also want you to feel good about using them every day. That’s why when you buy BendPak, you’re getting a product that’s not only built to last, but one that’s also manufactured in a way that helps ensure that the earth will last.

Here are some of the ways that BendPak does its part to protect the environment from potential contamination and disruption:

  • BendPak facilities utilize the absolute best powder-coating procedures. In addition to being far more durable, powder coating cuts down on harmful emissions created by traditional coating methods.
  • Our electric-powered blast cabinets employ an extremely advanced and efficient filtration system that produces virtually no emissions. There is currently no better equipment or process available for preparing metal surfaces for coating.
  • BendPak intentionally uses paints and solvents that have a lower VOC (volatile organic compound) content than mandated by the California Health and Safety Code, known to be one of the strictest codes in the nation.
  • In an effort to constantly evaluate our processes for potential improvement, BendPak voluntarily underwent a waste evaluation conducted by FGL Environmental in 2008. As a result of our proactive approach to surface coating, the waste products produced by our paint booth were determined to have no negative impact on the environment or local wildlife and no longer qualify as hazardous.
  • We service all our vehicles at least once a month for optimum efficiency and to eliminate needless waste.
  • Instead of scrapping a failed product, we salvage and refurbish as much as we can in-house.
  • We exceed recommended harmful chemical disposal guidelines and closely follow electronic equipment disposal procedures to protect our employees and the environment.
  • All forklifts and office-to-office transportation vehicles are zero-emission, 100% electric. We plug them in when we’re not using them to keep them charged. The investment in this technology pays for itself in gas savings. And, it’s nice to not have gas fumes stinking up our facilities.
  • When we remodeled and expanded our Santa Paula facilities, we put forth special effort to include green space and planters into the design—not only for an enhanced appearance, but to retain and utilize rainwater runoff in order to support the city’s local ecosystem.
  • We continually reduce our paper consumption by making almost all of our company, sales and informational literature available digitally.
  • Whenever possible, BendPak makes a point to recycle used oils through approved local facilities.
  • Most of our large products are shipped via flatbed instead of LTL (light truckload), drastically reducing pollution, as well as potential damage to the product.

And we’re not even close to done yet. Always on the cutting edge, we eagerly adopt newer, cleaner manufacturing technologies as they become available. At BendPak, we look forward to a cleaner, brighter future—and we’re proud to be part of the solution.