When we talk about the quality, reliability, ruggedness and durability of BendPak equipment, we're really talking about safety. Everything we do here is done with a safety-first mentality. Woven into every car lift and piece of shop equipment we offer are multiple safety features that ensure your protection, as long as the equipment is used as intended.

For instance, many BendPak lifts are ALI/ETL Certified, and we continually renew those certifications before they expire. That's important, because it means the certification we advertise is actually done according to the latest standards. ALI Certification is not a one-time deal. It's an expense some companies don't want to deal with, but it's one we wouldn't deal without. Regular testing ensures we meet or exceed rigid ALI standards in every applicable case. That includes the columns, bolts, wire ropes, sheaves, hydraulics and literally every other piece on the lift.

Before an ETL trained technician can even see our lifts and perform testing, we do it all ourselves. That way we can guarantee that we'll pass the tests, and often exceed their strict standards by a wide margin. Our Quality Control Department always has its hands full, testing each product to the fullest. It's not unusual for us to receive reports that our lifts exceed ALI standards four-fold. This ensures product lifecycle is longer, and our engineered designs remain timeless.

Never stop getting it right

Our engineers and drafters are extraordinarily busy people. If we feel a design can be improved, we do so, but we're always one step ahead in this game. We significantly over-engineer and over-build everything, so our competition is chasing us, not the other way around. We don't believe in "hobby" equipment, so everything BendPak offers is commercial-grade and ideal for home and professional use. Most importantly, we do everything right the first time.

After the design phase is complete, it's time to get the blueprints to one of our state-of-the-art manufacturing bays. The processes that go into making top-notch lifts and shop equipment are essential to both your safety and our success as a company. We don't cut corners, and we often go above and beyond rigid ISO-9001 guidelines. All raw materials are tested regularly for purity and strength.

Take matters into your own hands

Now that you have your beautiful brand-new two-post lift, understanding how to safely operate it is an essential skill. These lift types are extremely safe when used correctly, but operators must remain vigilant when setting the lift pads at the vehicle's OEM lifting points. Not adhering to recommended (aka mandatory) lifting requirements can be dangerous and possibly illegal in commercial settings. Please read this page if you've never operated a two-post lift before. If you own a lift, even if it's not from BendPak, read this article once or twice a year to keep your skills sharp.

Want to learn more about the differences between auto lifts? Designs may look similar, but there are safety and quality concerns that sometimes hide themselves to the uninitiated. BendPak's Study in Lift Design will show you what to look for when you buy a lift, with side-by-side comparisons to other brands.

We can train you!

BendPak training will keep you safer in the shop. Our on-site wheel aligner course will get techs up-to-speed with just a single day of training. Feel free to ask about our other programs and services that will provide you with the means to work your equipment safely and efficiently, especially if you're new to the business or just picked up our latest product offering. Don't forget to check out our balancing safety sheet. It's a quick read that covers the basic physics involved in lifting heavy-duty vehicles with offset centers of gravity.

More support than ever before

Of course, the best way for us to help keep you safe is to offer as much product support as humanly possible. Our industry experience spans over 50 years, and over 350,000 customers worldwide understand what it means to own and operate BendPak products. Whatever you need, we have it: Clickserv™ service locator, replacement parts, lift inspection assistance, product registration and more. Also, if you lose a product manual, we have them all available for free on our site! Just type in what you're looking for, and it'll pop right up! We keep them regularly updated to reflect our latest revisions.

The bottom line is that BendPak won't abandon you after we make the sale. When you press the buy button or place an order over the phone, that's the beginning of a lifelong journey with your equipment. BendPak is here to make that journey as safe as possible.