The Industry Favorites

BendPak is highly selective when it comes to who we choose to represent our brand and products. Because of that, our influencers are the cream of the crop in the professional online car community. We know our influencers can go to any manufacturer for automotive service equipment. They choose BendPak because they trust in the quality of the product and they want to show their viewers that they use the best tools and equipment around. This section is dedicated to shedding some light on those personalities that have become a part of the BendPak family.

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Though they are the best of the best, our influencers are all unique in their style and personality. Some of our influencers, like Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage, are all about buying cheap cars and getting them all fixed up! Which is why the PL-6KT parking lift was perfect for his large car collection, the Hooptie Fleet.

Hoovies Garage on YouTube has a BendPak parking lift

While Hoovies Garage is all about buying and fixing cars, other influencers like TJ Hunt and Dustin Williams are dedicated to modifying them to get the perfect build. No matter what their videos are about, BendPak’s influencers each have their own history and many of them take you into their personal lives and talk about dreams and goals for the future. Most importantly, our influencers are all TRUE enthusiasts for everything cars. They know that BendPak products are not only safe, but made with the versatility and durability to handle even the craziest of projects. And with influencers like Cleetus McFarland and Goonzquad representing the BendPak brand, boy do things sometimes get crazy.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find a little bit of everything with our influencer partners, each of them as good as the last and all of them producing professional, car loving and crazy-fun videos. Check out the rest of our influencers for yourself, get subscribing, and find out exactly why they have all become a part of the BendPak family.

Cleetus McFarland on YouTube uses BendPak car lifts
Dustin Williams on YouTube uses BendPak Two-Post Lift
Evan Shanks has the GrandPrix GP-7LC in his YouTube garage
Goonzquad on YouTube using BendPak two-post lift
BendPak YouTube Influencers
Itsjusta6 using BendPak car lifts
Tavarish on YouTube using BendPak car lifts
Throtl on YouTube uses BendPak equipment
TJ Hunt on YouTube using BendPak car lifts