Daddy Dave

Every ​automotive lift in the Comstock Auto Service bay, headed by “Daddy Dave” (Dave Comstock), is a BendPak. What do we love about Dave? He’s as real as it gets. The outside of his shop is plain and unassuming. No showboating or grandstanding to be found. They just do amazing work on whatever they can fit on a two-post lift. Dave talked to us directly about why he chooses BendPak whenever he needs a equipment in his shop:

Here at Comstock Auto there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t use a BendPak ​lift. Whether it’s working on, building and maintaining one of the fastest cars in the nation, or working on a customer’s car, the reliability of working on a BendPak car lift... I couldn’t imagine doing it without them.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of gearheads over the heads, including just about everyone who’s ever been part of the Street Outlaws crew. Daddy Dave repeats like a broken record everything we’ve ever heard about BendPak: people choose us because they want a car lift that’s reliable, safe and efficient. And they all say they can’t imagine working with anything else.

When you see what Dave does on the strip, how he and his PROCHARGED Goliath 2.0 Nova decimate even the strongest contenders, your first question should be, “How does he do it?” And he does it not just once... not just twice... but time and time again. His car lift fleet is totally supplied by BendPak, and we like to think we’re the behind-the-scenes masters helping the superstar achieve his fame and fortune.