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Power-Drop Upper Bead Roller

Power-drop top bead assist roller helps loosen stubborn beads for tire-tool clearance and also holds top beads in place during installation of tough sidewall tires. This easy-to-use roller is a pneumatically operated tool that provides incredible—yet safe—pressure against the edge of a tire. This pressure helps loosen a stuck or stubborn tire bead. It also holds beads in place when installing a new tire. Lift and lower the roller with the flip of a switch at any time during tire changing operations.

Ranger Upper Bead Roller Tool

By not requiring electricity to power the bead roller, we control the long-term costs of owning a tire changer and eliminate electrical components that might require extra service over time. The air-powered roller puts extraordinary force against the tire, but its hourglass design adapts perfectly to every tire shape. The rubber is non-marring against expensive tires, and the tip is intelligently designed, so it rolls with the movement of the tire. The bead roller is easy to lock in place and just as easy to lift out of the way. If changing like sets of tires, its position can be preserved for faster turnover.

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