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Truck Adapter Package

SKU# 5150161

Truck Adapter Package (32 pc) / Fits RL-8500 & RL-8500XLT

The RL-8500 truck adapter package upgrades your RL-8500 brake lathe into a fantastically versatile truck servicing dynamo. This super-duty, brake lathe truck adapter package consists of an upgraded 47.6 mm arbour and a wide variety of adapters.

32-Piece Truck Adapter Package that Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT
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Service Truck Brakes with this Adapter Set

This enormous, multi-piece brake lathe truck adapter set allows you to expand your brake service coverage on the RL-8500 brake lathe and handle virtually any vehicle, all the way through 1-tonne trucks! Let no level of brake service exceed your capabilities with this exclusive set of Ranger’s truck adapters.


  • 1 truck arbour
  • 1 arbour nut
  • 2 spacers
  • 3 hubless adapters
  • 2 double taper adapters
  • 13 centring cones
  • 1 spring

Truck Adapter Package Specifications

Truck Adapter Package specs diagram