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Boat Trailer Platform

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1,361-kg. Capacity / Telescoping Boat Trailer Tongue Platform

This telescoping boat trailer tongue platform makes it easy to load your boat trailer onto a BendPak four-post lift. The "third" boat trailer wheel securely fits into the TC-3000 platform, which effortlessly slides between the runways. The other two trailer wheels load directly onto the runways.

TC-3000 Telescoping Boat Trailer Tongue Platform
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The Incredible Telescoping Boat Trailer Tongue Platform

The one-of-a-kind TC-3000 telescoping boat trailer tongue platform offers a safe and simple way to get a boat trailer on your four-post lift. Here’s how it works. The tongue platform extends between the runways on a BendPak four-post lift. This rugged and secure platform tool then slides breezily between the posts. This sliding action is similar to that of our jacking beams. No bolts or cumbersome installation procedures required!

The front wheel of your boat trailer fits securely into the wheel tray, so it won’t slip around as you load the trailer. The two back wheels of your trailer simple glide onto the runways. Once secured on the car ​lift, lifting and lowering your boat trailer is just a matter of operating the ​lift like you would if a car or truck were loaded.

No one but BendPak has anything like this. But lucky for you, the telescoping design of the TC-3000 means it works on other four-post ​lifts too! The versatility of this simple yet extremely effective tool makes it the ideal gift for boat lovers. It's an affordable way to entirely convert your lift into a nautical-lifting dream machine.


  • Multi-stage, telescoping platform
  • Rugged stainless steel design
  • Fits BendPak and other brand four-post ​lifts
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Boat Trailer Platform Specifications

Boat Trailer Platform specs diagram
Extended Length
1,727 mm (68")
203 mm (8")
119 mm (4-2/3")
Wheel Tray Depth
25 mm (1")
Collapsed Length
1,213 mm (47.75")